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Cisco UCS monitoring

Since Cisco UCS is an integrated, scalable, multichassis platform, a diverse population of applications and servers resides in the environment, and the performance of these applications must be monitored both individually and as a unit. Applications Manager offers Cisco UCS monitoring service, where you can monitor and track various KPIs of the applications and the system.

In-depth monitoring of Cisco UCS key metrics.

Applications Manager's Cisco UCS monitoring capability collects real-time Cisco UCS's data to present it in a dashboard that is easy to understand. Monitor Cisco UCS performance metrics like response times, resource utilization, faults, processors, and other hardware with Cisco UCS monitoring tools to recognize decline in performance, and identify the reason why your system has deviated from the ideal performance.

You can monitor the following with the Cisco UCS monitor from Applications Manager:

  • Chassis: Monitor Cisco chassis, and the servers and fabric extenders present in it. Memory and power consumed by the server are presented in a table for cohesive understanding.
  • Processors: Monitor processors in your Cisco UCS environment with information about the core, threads, temperature and input current.
  • Rack Mount: Cisco's rack mounts are extensive with several processor, memory, and drive units. With Cisco UCS performance monitor, track various factions—memory, CPU and motherboard—in the rack mounts thoroughly and ensure optimal performance.
  • Fabric Interconnect: Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect exists to connect Cisco UCS Servers to to the network, and UCS Manager, the software which manages the system runs on it. Applications Manager's Cisco UCS hardware monitoring tool provides details about the memory used, power consumed, input current and voltage, and fabric extenders.
  • Fans: View information about fans and fan modules in your system like operability status, drive rate, speed, and many more.
  • I/O Module: Information about the I/O modules is present here with details such as equipment and model name, thermal condition, and operability status.
  • Ports: Get details about all the ethernet, backplane and fabric ports present in Cisco UCS.
  • Faults: Applications Manager's Cisco UCS server monitoring software gathers information about system faults from Cisco and presents it in a unified dashboard—critical, major, minor, and warnings.


Cisco UCS Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cisco UCS Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cisco UCS Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cisco UCS Hardware Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
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Quickly troubleshoot performance issues.

One of the areas where IT administrators struggle is troubleshooting which can be time-consuming. Applications Manager's fault management system comes with a root-cause analyzer which automatically identifies the root cause of issues, so that you can resolve them faster and with ease.

Configure thresholds and anomaly profiles.

You can also configure thresholds and anomaly profiles for important parameters, and associate alerts and automated actions—like E-mail or SMS action, which will be performed when the values deviate from standard values—to them. Setting up anomaly profiles can help you identify gradual performance degradation, so you can take action before end users are affected. You can set baseline limits as a percentage of a fixed baseline value or you can opt for "Dynamic baselining" where the data will be compared with the previous week's values. 

Monitor Cisco UCS Server - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cisco UCS Monitoring Service

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Analyze and predict performance trends with extensive reports.

Applications Manager's Cisco UCS monitoring tool comes with a powerful reporting feature that provides both numerical and graphical representation of key attributes. You'll be able to make informed decisions regarding your Cisco UCS infrastructure using trend analysis, forecast and inventory reports.

With the help of trend analysis reports, you gain insight into the historical performance of various key parameters which you can analyze and compare. Forecast reports use machine learning techniques to help you anticipate the growth and utilization of Cisco servers, so that you can plan your resources accordingly.

Cisco UCS Management Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

In addition to the Cisco UCS Management Software, Applications Manager also supports:


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