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Enhance mobile device management with the Mobile Device Manager Plus app. Perform remote management activities and execute device commands even when you aren't at your workstation.

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Automated end-to-end device management

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View your managed devices and execute remote commands

Manage devices, anytime and anywhere

Stay updated

Initiate device scans to gather real-time details of your device fleet at anytime.

Ensure security

Lock devices over the air, change passcodes, or clear current device passcodes.

Minimize unauthorized access

Enable and disable Lost Mode on devices to restrict access to device functions and data.

Prioritize critical devices

Mark business-essential devices to quickly view their details whenever necessary.

Track assets

See a device's current location and a history of the locations traversed by it.

Eliminate manual actions

Remotely restart or shut down managed devices, raise audio alarms on devices, and initiate data wipes.

Monitor commands

View a history of all remote actions executed on individual devices.

Simplify management

Navigate through all managed devices by filtering out devices based on their platform, type, last contact time, and more.

How you can keep devices and the data on them secure

Gather insights

Stay updated about critical device details, the actions performed on these devices, and their status.

Execute remote commands

Perform remote restart and shutdown to resolve technical issues and keep devices running efficiently.

Stay prepared

If a device is misplaced, initiate a remote lock command, set a secure passcode, or turn on Lost Mode to restrict access to the device.

Recover devices

Raise a remote alarm and view it's location details to identify if the lost device is nearby.

Secure data

If device recovery fails, initiate a complete or corporate wipe to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.


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